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Configurable ODBC: The Documentation description

In version 10 we've got a New Feature - Configurable ODBC Directory Service Connector. In QV Documentation there is topic about it. But it's so pure that I've desided to add a little bit more description to this and some questions for QV developers.

Let's start. Here is the Documentation:

Configurable ODBC

Read more about configuring the ODBC database in "Configurable ODBC" on page 253 in the Appendix.


The General tab of the Configurable ODBC settings

Path - The path to the directory service. Press the icon to use the default path or click on the green add icon

to add a new directory service.

Enter the Username and Password used for accessing the directory service.

By default the Path is ODBC://localhost. Actualy this is not the ODBC path. This is path to your database. I'm using ODBC:// as a path to my MS SQL server. And this is useless for Oracle (take a look at  "Override connection string" for Oracle connection). Username and Password are the database Username and Passwords (not for Oracle).

Click the settings icon ( ) to open the settings dialog:

Ok. Making click on pencil icon to see DSP Settings.

Cache Expiry in Minutes

Set how long the queries to ODBC database should be cached.

No comments.

Connection Database Name

The name of the ODBC database you wish to connect to.

MS SQL - the database name. Oracle - no sense.

Data Source Name

The name of the ODBC driver.

You need to go to your "ODBC Data Soutce Administrator"\Drivers tab and type the name of a driver which your are going to use from the list to the field.

Directory Label

The label of the directory service you are connecting to.

This prefix for your DSP.

Entity Name

The name of the entity.

Do you know what the name of the entity is???? Nobody knows It's nothing else as the column name in your table where you are going to store a list of users. Back to the Appendix from the document - if you are using the same column names, it should be just "name" and not "entity_name" as it is by default.

37.2 Configurable ODBC

The ODBC database has to have two table, or two views, one for entities and one for groups.

The entity table must have the four following fields: entityid, name, descr and email. The fields name,

descr and email must be strings. Entityid must be a unique identifier (suitable for primary key).

The groups table must contain two fields: groupid and memberid. Together these two fields create a

unique identifier.

Ok. Next.

Entity Table Database Name

The name of the entities table.

The name of a table/view in your database where you store a users list.

Groups Table Database Name

The name of the groups table.

The name of a table/view in your database wher you store groups. I don't know how it works in real life. If somebody does, please add the description.

Override Connection String

The string entered here will be used and the settings in Connection Database Name, Data Source Name,

Username and Password will be ignored.

Blank for MS SQL and very powerfull for Oracle. I have this in the field - "Driver={Oracle in OraDb11g_home1};Dbq=ORCL;Uid=qv;Pwd=qv;"

Service Timeout in Seconds

Set the time-out for the service’s connection to the ODBC.

No comments.

Questions part:

1. What is the right way to configure Configurable ODBC for Oracle. You can find my problem in another post here

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