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Configurable ODBC for DSC throwing Oracle truncate error

Trying to create a new Configurable ODBC connection in the Directory Service Connector.  A new Oracle database has QV_USERS and QV_USERGROUP materialized views we need to use for customer authorization. These are exact copies from the previous database, also Oracle.

The 2 databases are both Oracle 12 C (current is version, new is version  In trying to have user authorization read from the new connection, our ODBC connection throws an Oracle error -- "ORA-01406 fetched column value was truncated."

We were explicitly putting in the following values in the Directory Service Connector's Configurable ODBC:

- table db name

- groups table db name

- override connection string

As well as using the ODBC connection setup on the server on which the DSC was running. 

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Re: Configurable ODBC for DSC throwing Oracle truncate error

If you read that data from a SQL query using a query browser, or loading data into QlikView, does the error appear for those tables?
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Re: Configurable ODBC for DSC throwing Oracle truncate error

Hi Miguel,

When I query those tables via the IDEs I typically use, there is no error on querying, and we I have tested querying the two tables (actually MVs) in a dashboard load.  I did see that we typically use OLEDB connections in our dashboards, while we were setting up the Custom DSC with an ODBC.

I tested a ODBC 64-bit to load these tables, and data loaded fine into a test dashboard.  I also tested a "force 32-bit" ODBC connection, and data also loaded fine.  Was expecting the ODBC connection type to be the issue, but I was testing locally, but it could be a driver version issue on our production server hosting the DSC service?


Re: Configurable ODBC for DSC throwing Oracle truncate error

Mike, I would expect you are on the correct track with the Oracle driver version running on the server if things are working on your machine etc.  Oracle is pretty particular about connector versions etc., hopefully you already got things sorted, but I just wanted to confirm you were on the right track.  If you did get it sorted, it would be great if you can confirm what you did and then mark that as the solution using the Accept as Solution button, that way others will know exactly what to try if they run into this as well.  


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