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Connect with Anonymous user -- Scalability tool


I am trying to use scalability tool to do performance testing of Qlikview application.

I am using another 64 bit machine with different credentials. For accessing the qlikview I have to specify my credentials and also the domain. I am able to specify the username and the password but not the domain using anonymous option in the security settings in scalability tool. Could anyone help me for adding the domain name for authentication.


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Re: Connect with Anonymous user -- Scalability tool


Is very easy, if you dont want to enter with an anonnymous account, you can disable it in the next tab of the QMC:

System-> Setup->QlikView servers->security->authentication->Prohibit anonymous

This option force the access point to enter with a credentials.


Then in the tab System-> Setup->QlikView web servers->authentication and use the option Login.

This option is for obligate to use your credentials


The last thing that you can use is the DMS or the NTFS but this option depends of your type of license so I add a document with the type of license that have and what is the limitations of them

NTFS Vs DMS authorization | Qlik Community

I hope that this information can be useful for you.


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