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Container object on hidden sheet causes crashes in web version

Issue is this: we have sheets with container objects with several charts inside them. Our navigation logic shows and hides sheets depending on user selections. When a sheet that has a container is selected and then later on hidden again, this makes the browser tab to freeze and after some time the error message "No connection" and "Server connection lost" appears. The freezing doesn't happen immediately but with a little delay (this made it quite hard to pinpoint the cause... you can actually manage to quickly make several sheet selections before it crashes)

This does not happen when the same file is opened on desktop, only in web. I have tried to turn off the conditional visibility for the sheets that have containers and then they work just fine. Also if I empty the container and have the reports separately, the sheets show and hide without problems, like all the other sheets that do not have containers in them.

Does anyone come up with an idea what to try to make this work? We will send a bug report about this later on, but it would be great to figure out a work around soon. Unfortunately neither of the options of removing containers (too many charts) or disabling conditional visibility (screws up the navigation logic & too many sheets) are on the table and I need to come up with something else.

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