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Create cyclical groups using IE plugin

Hi all,

First time poster so please be nice... 

Our organisation uses QV publisher to distribute an application to numerous end users who use the IE plugin (QV 10.0) to access the information.

We have a number of cyclical groups built in to the apllication but have received a request from a number of end users who wish to create their own cyclical groups with those dimensions which they use most. 

Is there any way for the end users to do this directly using the IE plugin so that their cyclical group is only applicable for themselves?  (ie. create their own 'server object' in the same way they do when creating a new report in the IE plugin environment).

I can't see this option anywhere but was hoping some of you experts out there may have come across this.

Many thanks!


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Re: Create cyclical groups using IE plugin

Hello Alan and welcome to the QlikCommunity!

Groups are not modifiable from the UI when using a client (either it is the Desktop, the IE Plugin or the Ajax). You cannot either create new groups as you cannot access the Document Properties.

If your users want to use new groups they should ask to a developer, as long as it does not require to reload the script, only create the group and save the file, at least for the time being.

But feel free to create an Idea suggesting that feature in coming versions of QlikView.

Hope that helps.


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Re: Create cyclical groups using IE plugin

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for the reply. 

I know that I can add new groups but with the volume of end users we have I don't want to add too many new groups that everyone can see so that was why I had hoped the users could do it on the server but alas it was not to be.. or at least not yet!

I'll suggest it in the Ideas forum and how knows what can happen.

Happy Qlikviewing!


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