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Creating Calculated Fields in ListBox's in AJAX ZFC


     I am having problems creating a calculated field in Ajax Zfc in Qlikview Server.  I would like to some simple selections of data by only using the first 2 digits of the field.  In the desktop client, I have no issues doing this by selecting "<expression>" and entering "=left(FieldName,2)".  However, I am unable to replicate this functionaly in the Ajax Zfc client.  Is there a way to create calcualted field listbox's via the Zfc?

Qlikview Server version 11SR2.

Note: I did some testing and the above expression works in Qlikview Server 10 Ajax Zfc.



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Re: Creating Calculated Fields in ListBox's in AJAX ZFC

Hi Lucas,

Did you find the solution for this one?

I am facing the same problem, v11SR4.

User objects such as listbox with calculated dimensions works fine with the IE plugin but this functionality is not working in AJAX.

Weird indeed since Qlikview is suggesting moving to AJAX but now I can see that by doing this we will lose some functionality.