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Cross Forest LDAP Query users

Hi All,

Our Qlik Publisher and QMC is in Domain A of Forest AA . I am able to distribute my app to all the users under this forest AA as i have added the LDAP paths of all domains under this Forest .

Now i want to distribute the same app to a user of Domain B of Forest BB. How do i add this LDAP path to the QMC ? I tried entering the LDAP:\\BB.local:389\DC=BB,DC=local .But i get the error Setting up connection failed . The server is not operational .

Where am i going wrong ?


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Re: Cross Forest LDAP Query users

Aren't forests isolated from each other? Or can they have a cross-domain-like thrust relation, but now on the forest level?

Yes, they can: How Domain and Forest Trusts Work: Domain and Forest Trusts

For QlikView services to be able to access/query another domain controller, the service account from the domain where QlikView server is running must be accepted/trusted by the other domain/machine. Ask your sysadmin about required trust relations.


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