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Custom FormLogin/Index each client

Hello fellow users,

we're trying to make a custom login for each client on our server with the FormLogin.htm/index.htm

Editing the *.htm's for one user is working fine. But if we wan't to use subfolders where we can place

the files for each customer the redirect (authenticate) goes to the standard root of the QlikView path.

Same thing is happening on the logout. If we're loggedin the redirect always redirects to the root

of the QlikView path.

So our question is if it is possible to change the redirects (and where it has to be changed) so

that we can provide a custom login for (all of) our customers?

Thanks in advance!



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Re: Custom FormLogin/Index each client



Re: Custom FormLogin/Index each client


I am not sure what you would have do to that. However, if you are using IIS you could setup a website for each customer and that would take case of it.


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Re: Custom FormLogin/Index each client

We're using the QlikView Server but we want to use the brands (logo's/backgrounds/colors) of our customers.