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Deploying application to server?


Am new to server side thing.

I have developed a application and I want to deploy it on to the server.

If am not wrong I need to add the qvw  onto folder in mounted folders.

My question is my company got server licence and its on remote server..

What do I need to do after creating the folder so that the users can see the report in Access Point.

Am not familiar with Access point too.

Do I need to ask DBA to give the access for me to go on to srv?

How do I need to add the users who can access the file in Server Objects?

In brief if my company give me access to qlikview server what do I need to do to deploy the app?


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Re: Deploying application to server?


Check this link out and see if it will help you.

System Management Overview


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Re: Deploying application to server?

HI Bill,

Thanks for the info. Much Appriciated.

Now My DA gave me admin access to the srv where QEMC installed and I have checked the licence and we do have srv licence but not publisher till here it's fine.

I have checked how many cal we have it shows we have 20 Named User CAL's out of which 16 were used.

Note: it's been long time our any one used Qlikview.

Here I tried to add my self to a named CAL but when am searching for my name I can't see anything.When I pressed the magnifing icon it shows nothing.

Now my question is:

1. Do I need to add my self as a admin in QEMC? Is it possible?

2.How can I access Access Point?

3.How can I add other people in the CAL's so that they can see reports in Access point?

4.When I clicked on Qlikview Access point it says no page found?

Could you please help me out in this?



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