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Design Permissions For Server Documents

We've just set up a 64 bit SBE Qlikview environment. I've set it up with the default web server and then using IIS. My question is that when accessing documents from the server (IE or Ajax or Java or Desktop client (URL and open from server), I am unable to design the documents. I can't add new sheets (Ignores mouse click) or add new objects (grayed out on menu) or access object properties (not on right click menu). I should add that the documents in question haven't been secured in any way before adding them to the server. Is this the default behaviour with the server - if not any help would be gratefully received.

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Re. :Design Permissions For Server Documents

So i am not alone !!!

Exactly the same problème with QV Server 32 bits and DMS. I call the support to try anderstanding the problem.

Waiting for a solution ...

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Re. :Design Permissions For Server Documents

Me to Qlikview support:

Just so I understand, are you saying that under no circumstances is it possible to open a server based document through the browser or using open from server or url, and expect to be able to have design permissions. So if I am the administrator granted all permissions to do anything I want, I still can't design the document?

Their reply:

Yes, that is a good summary. Basically, QlikView Server is not built for, or meant to, handle Developer-level access from clients. The product is used to allow end users to work with QlikView applications (with server collaboration etc. that allows for a certain degree of personalization of an application).

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Re. :Re: Re. :Design Permissions For Server Documents

Seems to be really the case !!!

An other thread on this forum


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