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Document CAL licence in QV personal edition


I need to install QlikView personal (desktop) edition to 3 people. Each of them will use 1 and the same QVW file (they will have a copy of the file on their laptops). Suppose I would like in a future to change the QVW for another one - would that require a document CAL licence or named CAL licence or no licence (personal edition)?

Is it possible to install document CAL licence in personal (offline) edition?

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Personal edition allows you to develop applications without limit ON THE CURRENT PC.

if you pass the qvw to another PC it will ask to recognize it as original and if the PC2 or PC3  has qvw it coulnd'nt read it anymore

QlikView allows you 4 tickets to do so

So Personal edition is not done to make such a process

Best regards



The Personal Edition only allows the user to open documents created by themselves... so any other document would require a license.

The document CALs doesn't allow to do a license lease to QlikView Desktop (you need a Named CAL for that):

License Lease is only available to those users who have obtained a Named User CAL

as this license type facilitates both online & offline (QlikView Desktop) use. Document

CALs, Session CALs & Usage CALs are all online licenses only meaning the user must be

connected to the server to analyze their data.

You can find all the information here:


Hope it helps.

Best regards.

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But if each of 3 users will purchase a named CAL licence (no licence lease - there is no server) would they be able to exchange qvw files between them?



Once you license the QlikView Desktop you are able to open, modify and save any QlikView file (including files created by others)

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Yes if you buy Named CAL for each user, any qvw could be pass from one to another



Document CALs can only be used online. If they use QlikView Personal Edition they will only be able to open the QVW that has been created in that computer with that particular session of the computer.

You can borrow a license from the server, then it's no longer a Personal Edition, it's a licensed edition.