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Document CAL question


I am right on front of licensing Qlikview Small Business Edition and thought about sourcing also multiple Document CALs for our Sales team.

They should have access to one QVW which is OK.

Now I found in the server licensing PDF a clause about document CALs:

"The Document CAL can only be used with documents that have a single contiguous data model and do not contain any chasm traps between tables."

Can please somebody explain me what that means. The PDF says something about logical island, etc. -> but honestly i don't get it.

How many sources can i connect that a document CAL is still accepted.

I need to understand this, to be able to calculate the correct amount of money i have to allocate for this project.

Thanks for any help,



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Re: Document CAL question

Being a bit more precise maybe:

The full text in the server PDF is:

Document CAL Restrictions

The purpose of the Document CAL is to provide a mechanism by which licensees can license the use of a single document. To prevent the combination of many data models in a single document, there are restrictions in the documents that can be used with the Document CAL. However, the Named User CAL, the Session CAL, and the Usage CAL can be used to open any functional QlikView document. The Document CAL can only be used with documents that have a single contiguous data model and do not contain any chasm traps between tables.

Most common data models used in QlikView documents can be used for Document CALs. For instance, proper star schemas and snowflake schemas typically have the field with the highest cardinality in the fact table and the keys in dimensional tables have a lower cardinality. For snowflake schemas, the cardinality decreases further when moving away from the fact table. Documents containing such models typically fulfill the above demands and are well-suited for Document CALs.

Documents with multiple logical islands are normally not allowed. Multiple logical islands are only allowed, if the additional tables are unconnected and contain only few records or a single column.

In addition, the document may not contain any loosely coupled tables.

Finally, the cardinality (that is, the number of distinct values) of the key fields must decrease when moving away from the fact table.

What happens now if I have a MasterCalender app for example. As the Master calender contains data for the last years in daily rows, it has somehow a cardinality which is comparable with the cardinatlity of the fact table.

Does this now mean I can't use Document CALs?



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