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Document CAL: who knows the actual/real limitations?

Is there anyone who can clarify which are the actual limitations of a "document CAL"?

The v10 QVS manual says:

"..The Document CAL, however, can only be used with documents which have a single contiguous data model and do not contain any chasm traps between tables..."

But then it partially contradicts itself a few lines below (capitalization is mine):

"..But documents with multiple logical islands are NORMALLY NOT allowed. Multiple logical islands ARE ONLY ALLOWED if the additional tables are UNCONNECTED and contain only FEW records or one single column.

As you can see there's a lot of uncertainty in this, how much is "a FEW"? A thousand, a million?

My fear is that I start using Document CALs and then, a year from now, a reload will cause the "few" to become too much and all of a sudden the document won't be compatible anymore with the Document CAL model.

So I contacted QlikView support, but they couldn't tell me the actual limitations, they gave me a test license for "Document CAL" and told me "try it and see for yourself".

Problem is that my actual document (which has a few small disconnected tables) is opened OK (which is fine), but I'd need to test the limitations to be sure I won't get problems in the future.

To experiment I built a sample doc which I'm attaching (emptied, it autogenerates 2 2million record islands); as far as I can see the structure of this document should cause a problem when used with "Document CAL" but it's working fine, so I'm stumped.

If anyone can clarify the actual limitations (ie: real number of records, number of fields of the disconnected island, ...) it would be really helpful.


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