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Document CALS Assignment issue

Hi all,

We are using Qlikview Server 11, yesterday there was some requirement to change the Mounted Folder name for one of the Dashboard.

Even after changin the Mounted Folder name the reload schedule kept showing the same old name while scheduling dependent Tasks.

Like Old Mount Name\Dashboard Name.

So I deleted the Mounted folder from the Accesspoint, saved the change and created a new mounted folder with new name. Now the new name/Dashboard Name was available for scheduling.

In this process when we checked for the Document CALS for the dashboard were lost. As I didn't changed the physical Folder I expected the CALS to be available after creating the new Mount Folder.

Now the Server shows 150 CALS available out of 200 and the dashboard still does not shows the Document CALS.

Can any one suggest any solution to recover all Document CALS and also to use the Doc Cal File for the Dashboard to assign the user back again.

Thanks in Advance.


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Re: Document CALS Assignment issue

You will need to contact support for help with this.


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