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Document Properties: Scheduler

I am using QV 11.00.11414.0 SR2 64-bit.

On the Document Properties > Scheduler tab of my QVW, I set up a schedule, and put the document onto QV server:

When I go into the QMC, the reload for the document is still set to None:

Is there a setting on the server that I need to change for this to update automatically?  Or am I missing something else?

We do not have Publisher and are only using QV server.  Does this only work with Publisher?

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Re: Document Properties: Scheduler

Hi Nicole,

Either you can set the schedule through QMC or in Qlikview Desktop.

The changes applied in QV desktop will not be directly linked to QMC and will not be visible.

Instead you can schedule the document in QMC itself.

Hope this helps!



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Re: Document Properties: Scheduler

Hi Nicole,

I personally do not use the scheduler-possibilites of a single qvw whenever a QV-server is present.

Use instead the qmc, it is very easy to install reload-tasks. You are on the right track to apply a task to this document. A publisher is not necessary for it.




You are using 11.00. For the newer 11.20 the "single qvw-scheduler" is not (no longer) supported.

Re: Document Properties: Scheduler

The problem is I only have access to the QMC on our test environment.  On the other environments it's locked down so I need to go through a (ridiculous) process in order to get anything done.  I was hoping this would be a way for me to set the schedule on a document without having to go through this process.  Any other ideas?

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Document Properties: Scheduler

You could use batch-files and trigger these files per windows scheduler:

REM /r = open+reload+save+close as background process  /l = open+reload+save with GUI

"D:\PathToClientExe\QV.exe" /l "D:\YourPath\YourFile.qvw"

- Marcus