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Document assigned using LDAP Group is not showing up in QlikView AccessPoint

Hello All,

     We have a client that is using OpenLDAP as the means of authentication for their AccessPoint.  We have already wrote an authenticate.aspx which will handle both the user query and group member query and passing it back to the QlikView access point using                 QlikView.AccessPoint.User.GenericAuthentication(context, user).

     Formation of the user and group are still called through the IUser and NamedUser contained with QlikView.AccessPoint.  However, right now we are running into issues that even when we do pass the group information and user information into Qlik, it is not recognizing the combinations.

     Some heads up about this customer:

  1. They are not using uid as the basis for authorization, since the can be modified by user itself, we are using another constant contained in their LDAP to do so.
  2. The method of their login authentication is done through full user dn, not just using uid
  3. We pull the constant from LDAP properties and passing it back as the reference user for QlikView AccessPoint

Right now we can get the user document and task assigned through users work just fine, but when the document and document reduced by Publisher is assigned with LDAP group, it does not show up at all.  Is there anyone else that has ran into similar issues in the past that can shed some light to the situations?

I have attached a screenshot showing from QlikView Web Service that it has indeed captured the GroupList in it.

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