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Documents won't reload in Q(E)MC

Hi All,

For some reason my documents won't reload in either QMC and QEMC. There is also no log file produced. Trying to reload the same documents in QlikView Desktop is working as expected and also gives me a log file.

It seems to be the same situation as posted by Alexander: Trouble with Management Console on QV Server Reloading Documents (http://community.qlik.com/forums/p/32397/125205.aspx#125205)

But I have installed build 9.0.7502.8, which is I guess the latest build. How can I get the complete "complete setup.exe from the customer patch" which is mentioned in this topic?

Thank you very much in advance for your replies.


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Documents won't reload in Q(E)MC

Problem solved. I got a patch via my supplier.