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Double Login using Windows Authentication and a Warning Page.


Thanks to everyone here I have been able to setup QV 9 on a Windows 2k8 Server (x64), IIS 7.0 and setup HTTPS.

I am using Windows Authentication and when people go to the page they use their login and password and then QV opens and all is right with the world.

Well as part of the problem we require a warning page that says "don't do bad things etc...." one where they have to accept that they understand. That too works great.

But when they go to QV it asks for their login, it shows them the Warning page and they have to click Accept and once the do it takes them to the Main QV page and brings up the login box again.

After testing I found I can hit cancel on the first login, click accept on the warning page and then login normally on the main page but it's a pain. (and I knwo the users won't like )

Does anyone know how to get rid of one of the two logins? preferably the first one.


Moe. (slowly getting it)

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