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Doubt with Publisher with Multiple Events

I´m trying to change my reload tasks, changing the Trigger from "On Event from Another Task" to "On Multiple Events Completed"

So, I could reload many more tasks at the same time that have no dependencies and my total time of reload should be considerably lower.

The idea is put at the first all tasks with no dependencies and the other using "On Multiple Events Completed" with the tasks that needs to be executed first of anyone.

I´ve made the documentation of all my tasks with all dependencies, created all of them again using "On Multiple Events Completed" when possible but one of them simply didn't reload when the last of the dependencies tasks finished. Cause of this, a good part of my tasks didn´t reloaded too, cause they were dependent of this one.

Is there any trick to use "On Multiple Events Completed"?

Is there a specific document explaining how to use tasks with publisher in detail?

In time, my Time Constraint is set to 360 minutes and all this process didn´t took more than 90 minutes.

Thank You

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Re: Doubt with Publisher with Multiple Events

Hi., anyone can help me with this please?

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