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Downgrading to SR5


I have some issue in my application hence an going to downgrade qlikview 11 SR6 to SR5.

Hence I wanted to know the impact on qlikview tasks in QMC and other qvw's.

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Re: Downgrading to SR5

Hi Bidnu,

those are both really old versions, what's the issue that you are having


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Re: Downgrading to SR5

Thanks for the reply.

Please find the below thread which I have posted the issue.

Issue while comparing Sr5 and Sr6

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Re: Downgrading to SR5

Hi Bindu,

First of all i would recommend to use latest version of QlikView (12) ,because all the bugs in previous versions has been fixed in new one.

Second in reply to ur previous post:

SR5 Dev and SR6 Pro : You should compare 2 machines with same version of QlikView and not the different.

Not sure why there was load time difference , but if this so than please check the log files to see which particular part of the script is taking maximum time.



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