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Duplicate Document CALS


  I have a Qlikview-10 64 bit server.

  I have allotted 7 document CALs to one of my documents and assigned all 7 to users. However, in Qlikview Management Console -> User Documents -> Document CALs, each Document CAL is listed twice for some users. This way it is taking up 12 Document CALs. When I try to remove the duplicate CALs, it does not allow me to proceed saying "Too many Doc CALs" assigned.

  It shows "Number of CALs allotted to this document" as 7 only and I have not allowed Dynamic CAL assignment.

  Any idea what might be causing this issue and any fixes?

Thanks in advance,


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Duplicate Document CALS

You could try to allocate 12 cals to the document and then start to delete the users. My guess is that you cant delete when maximum has reached.

Rember to adjust the allocation back to 7 if this workaround works.


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Duplicate Document CALS

I have the same problem. Work around does not work.

I can do nothing on user-documents any more because of this message. "Too many Doc CALs" assigned"

What to do now?


Duplicate Document CALS

Hi there,

Did you move or delete any document with assigned Document CALs prior to delete the license assignments? If so, that's the reason. Licenses must be unassigned before removing or moving a document.

Is that your case?


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Re: Duplicate Document CALS

Hello Miguel,

I have similar problem,nt me bt someone else removed the documents without removing the doc cals.

Now we have run out of the doc cals.

if i interpreted the pgo xml file correctly,when i open it, i see 1 document being assigned the cals twice for the same users.

What shud i do?

shud i remove all the cals from that document,wait for 24 hrs and reassign them.


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