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Dynamic Doc Cal Deallocation

Hi All, I am dynamically allocating doc cals to users(By checking 'Allow dynamic Cal Assignment'), But if the same users are not using the dashboard for more than 24 more hours, I want to deallocate those licences. . . If the user is accessing the dashboard for first time, he gets licence automatically(Dynamic Cal allocation), but if the same user is not using the dashboard for more than 24 hours, then that licence should be deallocated. Right now those licences are occupid to those users forever after getting licence for first time use. Can you please share your ideaes??? Your ideas are important to me. . . Best Regards, BRIJESH

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Re: Dynamic Doc Cal Deallocation

You would like to create a sort of Session CALs using Document CALs? Sounds good.

Its not part of the standard QMC feature set, but I guess you can get to that by building something around the QV User Manager 11 tool from Stefan's PowerTools (see PowerTools 1.1 for QlikView).

The User Manager allows you to export a list of assigned CALs, their dates and last usage. Moreover you can let it assign or remove CALs to/from users, and all from the command line.

A bit of glue logic will tie things together and get you the Dynamic Deallocation feature you're looking for.

Good luck,


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