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Dynamically create a PDF from QlikView with image hyperlinks.

I have a QlikView 9.0 qvw file with four pie charts on a single tab which link to four separate separate sheets which contain corresponding pivot tables. In the qvw file text objects where used to link the pie to the appropiate sheet (Actions, Activate Sheet)) and provide navigation back to the pie chart. From the QlikView we are creating a single PDF of the entire document, from a Document Report using QV Publisher. We want to dynamically create the 'image' links in the PDF from each pie to the appropiate page in the PDF to match the functionality of the qvw file. Using Adobe Standard or Professional we can create the links manually, but have not found a method to dynamically create the image links or page links in Acrobat terms.

Anyone know of a way to dynamically create image links in a PDF from a QlikView?

Larry Aaron

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Dynamically create a PDF from QlikView with image hyperlinks.

QV Reports can't create PDF links, there's no way, bye.

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