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EDX group missing on server


we have developped a web page to allow users to reload application on demand via EDX task. It works for members of QlikView Administrators group. But i don't want my users be member of QV admin group.

I have read in QVS documentation (chapter 26.2, page 245) that a user must be member of QV admin group or QV EDX group. It is mentioned that these groups are created during installation

My concern is that i don't have the QV EDX group on my server.

Does someone have this issue ? how can i workaround this issue ?

I'm using Qlikview server V9 sr 2


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EDX group missing on server

Only "QlikView Administrators" is created by the installation program. This is still the case in v10. Members of "QlikView EDX" may trigger EDX tasks, members of "QlikView Document Administrators" can be granted delegated/restricted access to QEMC (v10) and the mere existence of this group improves QEMC performance in v9, members of "QlikView QMS API" can interact with the v10 Management API.

EDX integration changed a couple of times since v8.x. I think it is still the same since v9sr1. You really ought to upgrade to at least v9sr5 to avoid some memory leaks in the earlier v9 releases.

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EDX group missing on server


How do you call the EDX-enabled task in v10 Publisher? I'm coming from v85, where I could use the following to request an EDX-enabled job: start "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE" http://usap021/controlpanel/job/requestedx.aspx?JobIdOrJobName=Sears_Daily_Load&QueueIfRunning=True&...=

I'd like to do the same in v10 (now execute the EDX enabled task). Thoughts?

Thanks! Tyler

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