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End User Guide

I'm looking for some documentation that describes how to use the functions available in Qlikview v9 from a End User's perspective. There are some decent user manuals for the Development Tool or the Server, but I haven't found anything that shows how to navigate around a previously developed application being served through AccessPoint.

Something that talks about creating bookmarks, craeting and sharing charts, what the different icons refer to, switching chart formats, etc...

I could put something together, but I presume someone else has already spent some time doing this.

Any help would be appreciated,


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End User Guide


Check out the "QlikView for End Users" training session: http://netexam.qlik.com/registerforcourse.asp?iCSID=5746

Also, a number of the apps included in the install have a "Background" or "How-to" tab to assist end users; check these for inspiration.

Hope this helps!

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Re: End User Guide

Hello Brent,

To educate the end users in my company I've created a playlist

QlikView for business users introduction videos

The content was actually created by Qlik Australia. It's the best I could find on the web.

Hope you'll like it.

,KR Koen