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Hiii please guide for the below error,

The task fails: the log is as follows;

5/16/2013 17:03:21.7097076 Information Slowing down logging. LoggingSeconds=10

5/16/2013 17:03:21.7097076 Information Reloading

5/16/2013 17:03:31.7098996 Information Reloading.

5/16/2013 17:03:41.7100916 Information Reloading..

5/16/2013 17:03:51.7102836 Information Reloading...

5/16/2013 17:04:01.7104756 Information Reloading....

5/16/2013 17:04:11.7106676 Information Reloading.....

5/16/2013 17:04:21.7108596 Information Reloading......

5/16/2013 17:04:31.7110516 Information Reloading.......

5/16/2013 17:04:41.7112436 Information Reloading........

5/16/2013 17:04:51.7114356 Information Reloading.........

5/16/2013 17:05:01.7116276 Information Reloading..........

5/16/2013 17:05:11.7118196 Information Slowing down logging. LoggingSeconds=60

5/16/2013 17:05:11.7118196 Information Reloading

5/16/2013 17:06:11.7122390 Information Reloading.

5/16/2013 17:07:11.7907485 Information Reloading..

5/16/2013 17:08:12.0723843 Information Reloading...

5/16/2013 17:09:12.1508938 Information Reloading....

5/16/2013 17:09:39.8541961 Information The Source Document reload complete. DocumentPath=D:\LIVE\QVAPP\EXTRACTORS*****************.qvw

5/16/2013 17:09:39.8541961 Information Memory Allocation Delta for this file=1222.10 Mb. Available Physical Memory Before Reload=7703.13 Mb. Available Physical Memory After Reload=7744.72 Mb. Total Physical Memory=7744.72 Mb.

5/16/2013 17:09:41.3229555 Error The Source Document was NOT reloaded successfully. DocumentPath=D:\LIVE\QVAPP\EXTRACTORS*****************.qvw.

5/16/2013 17:09:41.3854559 Information Initializing Reload (0), Finished (412672)

5/16/2013 17:09:41.3854559 Error Reload failed.

5/16/2013 17:09:41.4167061 Information Closing the document.

5/16/2013 17:09:42.0417101 Information Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=5560

5/16/2013 17:09:42.0417101 Information Initializing (0), Finished (657)

5/16/2013 17:09:42.0417101 Error Reload failed. Distribution skipped.

5/16/2013 17:09:42.0417101 Error The task "Extractors/************.qvw" failed. ErrorCount=3

5/16/2013 17:09:42.0417101 Information Sending Alert Mail to 3 recipients.

Any help would be apreciated.


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Re: ErrorCount=3

Hi Nilesh,

Make sure that the mapped drive "D:" is available for the user that is running the reloads (usually the user running the QlikView services in Windows button, Run, Services.msc)

Apart from that, check that you can perform the reload manually with that very same user with the Desktop software, and that there are no permission conflicts that might prohibit the user to modify the file (for example, the Windows User Access Control is set, turn it off in the Control Panel, Accounts).

Hope that helps.


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Re: ErrorCount=3

I have checked the same and its proper.

Is there any other reason ?.

please help.



Re: ErrorCount=3

Hi Nilesh,

Three possible causes:

  • Is there any chance you are running out of RAM or disk space?
  • If you are using section access in the file, make sure the account running the services is added with ADMIN access.
  • And third, do you have checked any listbox in your file to be "Always One Value Selected"? If so, disable it and try the reload again.

Hope that helps.


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