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Execute a QVS Script

My company recently purchased and implemented a QlikView solution with the assistance of a QlikTech consultant who worked on developing a QVS script to create the QVD and QVW files. Now before i go any farther, I've been through the traning, however, this is my first experience with QlikView, so my knowledge is somewhat limited. My question is what do I use to schedule and/or execute the QVS script and run the trigger to publish the QVW's? Also, would this QVS file run on the designated Build Processing server or on the QVENT or Q4C server?

Our Configuration:

Build Processing (Staging) Server: Windows 2008 64bit with SQL 2005 Standard. We have a QVexport directory that has an exe called requestEDX in it. The requestEDX is used as a trigger on our Publisher Pro server to refresh the QVW files.

QV Server #1: Windows 2003 64 running the QVENT version and Publisher Pro w/ AccessPoint.

QV Server #2: Windows 2003 64bit running Q4C (qlikView for community) and Accesspoint.

Thanks for any assistance and feel free to ask for additional information.


Les Standerfer

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Execute a QVS Script

Hi Lee,

From your post, it seems you already have a consultant to work with. Why don't you ask him/her to provide you a complete solution for this situation? Or other option would be to work with a QlikView partner.

It seems you already have a enterprise version of publisher. So you can schedule your reloads using publisher. You shouldn't need to get additional scheduler software.

QVS files are just script files exported from QVWs. You would need to put an "Include" command in a QVW file to run a QVS file. Or you would need to import the whole code into QVW document to be able to run it. The QVS files cannot be executed by themselves.

Hope this helps.


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Execute a QVS Script


Thank you for your quick response. Since my original post, I've contacted my contact at QlikTech to work through my questions. Thanks again!


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Execute a QVS Script

Hi Lee,

I'm new too for QlikView and having the same situation like you had.

Could you pls. explain how you did that??


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