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Executing Macro when distributin PDF Report


I wrote a macro in my QV document, which selects values from my document.
I also set up a Document Event Trigger (OnPostReload), which executes the macro, when the document will be reloaded.

The Problem is, that I want to execute the macro, when I start my task to send the PDF Report from the document.
I enabled reload for the distribution task, but nothing happens.

Is there a possible way, to execute the macro when executing the PDF distribution task via Enterprise Management Console?

Here's my macro, maybe it helps:

Month_now = Month(now())
'Timestamp_now = Month(now

sub auswahlpdf:
ActiveDocument.ReloadEx 2,1
ActiveDocument.Fields("Timestamp").Select "1 FC Target"
ActiveDocument.Fields("Timestamp").ToggleSelect "actual"
'ActiveDocument.Fields("Reporting Month").ToggleSelect "Month_now"
ActiveDocument.Fields("Reporting Month").ToggleSelect "Month_Now"
end sub

Thanks in advance.

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Executing Macro when distributin PDF Report


I really need help with this.


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