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Export to Excel very slow with the use of variables for Visual Cues

I have noticed a very interesting performance issue when exporting to Excel.

The case is to export a pivot table with 15-20 000 rows and about 25 expressions. All expressions have a visual cue set for upper and lower limit based on a variable value (the limit can then be managed by the user).

I have had a lot if issues with the time for exporting this table to Excel. First I thought the number of expressions were the weak link but after testing this with several cases I found that neither the number of expression or the complexity of the expressions were the real thief.

Exporting this table to excel with a variable for upper/lower limit in visual cues takes about 4 minutes. When I remove the variable and sets the value explicit in the Visual Cues tab the time for export is dropped to about 40-50 seconds. Adding a variable to visual cues is thereby about 5 times slower when exporting to Excel. I have confirmed this difference many times with different selections and amount of data.

Does anyone recognize this behavior or have an idea if it is possible to cut the export time with the use of variables in the visual cues tab?