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External event Trigger based on text file


Is there any way to trigger the QlikView job, when a text file is present in the particular folder?. I looked at the reference manual and some of the post in the qliView community and understand that 'External Event task' is the best option for that, but I am not sure how to configure that. When I click on 'External event trigger', it asks for the password (I fill it blank) and it does not look for path of the file. Correct me if I am wrong. Is there any file watcher kind of task, which is available i.e., when the text file arrives in one folder, the job will trigger automatically irrespective of the time.

If this is not possible, can we write a script (in QVW file) which looks for the file for every 5 minutes and when it finds it, the job/task should be successfully completed and I can make other jobs dependent on this.



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External event Trigger based on text file

Hello Pascal,

I once had a similar problem, where I wanted to start a reload based on the update of a file.

I wrote a script (vbs) for that, which was utilizing the file system object to check the status of the file (archive bit), and the QV command line parameters to start the reload.
I added that script to the Windows Task list (Win Server 2008) to do the check every 5 minutes.


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External event Trigger based on text file

Thanks Thilo for that suggestion.

It will be helpful, if you can explain little more about your process like how do you trigger the job/task, rather than running the QlikView application using QV.exe (through batch file). Also, we are looking for a solution without using separate vb script (outside QlikView).

Is there any way to check for the file through QlikView (QVW File with the script) itself.



file exist then complete the job successfully


sleep for 3000 seconds and re run the above job till the job succeeds.

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