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Facing problem with running batch file (reloading qlikview applications) in windows 2008 R2 using windows task sceduler

I am trying to reload qlikview applications using batch file in windows Server 2008 R2 using windows task scheduler. Pasting lines in the batch file below

"C:\Program Files\Qlikview\QV.exe"/r  E:\BI\Development\Stage1\QVD Makers\AP\BI  Client Report- Final qvd maker.qvw

"C:\Program Files\Qlikview\QV.exe" /r E:\BI\Development\Stage3\QVD Makers\AP\SEBI  Client Report DataModel.qvw

The following applications which contains macros inside to send emails to the client

"c:\Program Files\QlikView\QV.exe" /l /NoSecurity  E:\BI\Development\Final\Application\ICAP\Final\BI Client Report FinalApp.qvw
"c:\Program Files\QlikView\QV.exe" /l  /NoSecurity  E:\BI\Development\Final\Application\ICAP\Final\BI Client Report -BLISTER .qvw

I searched for the  solutions in google but whatever the solutions suggested havent working for me. There are full permissions for all the folders for the user account which runs this application.Enable both options  Run whether user is logged in or not and run with highest priviledges. Also I want to know will this execute in foreground or in the background. In earlier version of OS, I remember this used to run in the foreground rather than the background. Please somebody help me with this. Currently I am running this application by clicking on the batch file daily at specific time .