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FileSystemObject in server


The below macro works fine in desktop app  but when i'm opens the same app in IE plugin not working fine.

In Desktop if image present in that path display messge "Image Exist" but in IE plugin it display message "Image Not Exist"

Any ideas on this ?

Sub Test

Set oFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

if oFSO.fileExists("C:\VQD EAT\Images\2011_1129_162607_015.bmp") then

Msgbox("Image Exist")


Msgbox("Image Not Exist")

end if

End Sub

Thanks in advance.

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FileSystemObject in server


you can check if  the user that runs QV Server service can access mentioned bmp file.


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Re: FileSystemObject in server

hi, thanks for reply.

Where can i check that whether user has permission for bmp file ?

Please if possible can you provide the screenshot.

Thanks in advance.

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