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Fixed KPI for Specific Values


I want to show KPI in my dashboard that does not change its values.

My table is like this:


And I want two KPI one for BUDGET and one for ACTUAL1.JPG

but the problem is they both show the sum of total values of data field and if I chose budget as a filter then they both change  their value for the budget and for the actual.

I want to fix the KPI one for Budget and one for Actual

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Re: Fixed KPI for Specific Values

Have you tried using set analysis to ignore selection? Let's say your expressions are Sum(Budget) and Sum(Actual)... you can either ignore all selections by using Sum({1} Budget) and Sum({1} Actual) or ignore just selection in Budget by doing this Sum({<Budget>} Budget) and Sum({<Budget>} Actual). Read more about set analysis here

Set Analysis: syntaxes, examples