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Formatted Report Options for AJAX?

We publish all of our client-facing QVW's using the AJAX client and are looking for the best way to produce formatted reports, similar to the type of report you can create with Crystal or other banded report writers. The reports we would like to produce would include repeating header (with logos/images, report title, etc.), a page footer (page 1 of x, etc.), band headers (column headings on each page).

I've seen several references in the Forum to the NPrinting product for producing formatted Excel reports from a QlikView document. I've even downloaded it and tried it. But, from what I can tell, it doesn't integrate with the AJAX client. I've seen some posts about similar technologies (QlikView's own clunky Reports, QlikSter's QlikView Excel Connector, to name a couple) but all of them seem to require the user to be running a QlikView client. None of our users fall into that category.

Is anyone aware of a good way to produce formatted reports from the AJAX client?

The only other alternative I've seen that might be palatable (assuming we can get our 9.0 upgrade working) is to use email PDF reports to our clients during publication. But I think that module costs money and it has the limitation of being a stand-alone document rather than a "qlikable" document.

- Jim

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