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Function Match()

Hello! I have I table like this

Sect     Com1   Com 2 

  1           4          23

  2           3          2

  5           1          32

  6           10        13

  4          67        45

  3          34        23

But de Dimension Sect is Dimenssion Calculated Like this:

=if(aggr(sum(date(vDate)-Field1),Field2)= vDate, Today,

if(aggr(sum(date(vDate)-Field1),Field2)>=1 And aggr(sum(date(vDate)-TD_Mora),Num_Tarjeta)<=30, '3',

if(aggr(sum(date(vDate)-Field1),Field2)>=31 And aggr(sum(date(vDate)-TD_Mora),Num_Tarjeta)<=60, '31',

if(aggr(sum(date(vDate)-Field1),Field2)>=61 And aggr(sum(date(vDate)-TD_Mora),Num_Tarjeta)<=90, '23'))))

I know that in tab order you can use the function Match() like


But How can should be when the dimenssion is calculated?


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