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Get Automatic License from QlikView Access Point

Hi Everyone,

I've QlikView Server, sometimes when I want to generate a report via Qlik Nprinting it cannot connection to dashboard.qvw.

The problem is application QV already be Personal Desktop.

So my question is how Qlikview Server get a license from my QlikView Named User CAL automatically?.

I know how to get it by manual in File>From URL.

Thanks For your answer

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Re: Get Automatic License from QlikView Access Point

The QlikView Desktop that is installed on your NPrinting machine should automatically refresh the license lease, it it has been properly configured (i.e. the NPrinting account has been assigned a Named CAL from the QVS and has been leased at least once using File->Open in server...) and it is still connected to the network and to the QlikView server.

What release of NPrinting are you using?

Re: Get Automatic License from QlikView Access Point

In addition to what Peter mentions, you can add the URL of one of the nodes (in the case of a cluster) or the server (if it is a single server installation) in

QlikView Desktop > Settings > User Preferences > Locations > Default License Lease Server (URL)

In the form qvp://servername or qvp://serverIP

This must be done logging in Windows as the account that runs NPrinting services, because this configuration is kept for the user.

This way, every time NPrinting opens QlikView Desktop it will take the leased license from the server specified without any additional manual work.

Also, make sure the license for the NPrinting user is assigned manually to this user, and not dynamically. You can check this in the QMC > System > Licenses > QlikView Server > Assigned CALs > click on the icon with the two people on the right > and add the user manually there.


Re: Get Automatic License from QlikView Access Point

Thanks for your answer,

So I must add Default License Lease Server (URL) in QV Server.

I have user Windows at server as Admin and my Named CALs in QMC is user1 and password is user1. How exactly I configuration that? because my Named CALS different with user Windows and I can't add new Named CALS(example Admin) 

Re: Get Automatic License from QlikView Access Point

You must have an available Named CAL to be used by your NPrinting account, similar to the account that runs the QlikView services (QlikView Server, QlikView Publisher, etc.). Also similarly to QlikView service account, NPrinting account must be a Windows user (and ideally an Active Domain account, not a local account), and it will always use the form SERVER\USERNAME or DIRECTORY\USERNAME.

To make sure which form it uses, log in as the NPrinting account, create an empty QlikView application and add a text object with


In the settings of the QMC you can specify manually a user (like SSO\user1 or whatever the user it is, as long as it exists in your system) to whom you want to allocate a license, so in case the pool of available CALs to lease is empty (no more licenses to lease) the NPrinting account will always have one.

See the place in the QMC where you can specify that in my previous post.


Re: Get Automatic License from QlikView Access Point

I did what you say to check OSUSer() and it show 'SVR-QVW-APP-P01\adminqview'

But when I add manual in QMC that name, it can't be added, cause I already have 5 Named CALs and they're not 'SVR-QVW-APP-P01\adminqview'

Re: Get Automatic License from QlikView Access Point

Then that is the reason why QlikView goes back to "Personal Edition". The account running NPrinting does not have an allocated Named CAL (as it must), and when trying to open QlikView, it fails.

It is a requirement that this account has to have a Named CAL manually assigned, see bullets number 4 and 5 in its official documentation:

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