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Getting an error in QVAJAX.JS

Finally upgrading from QV10 to QV11SR7 and have ran into a problem that has me puzzled. First a bit about our environment. We are running QlikView on a stand alone server with lots of memory and CPU. IIS is running on a VM that hosts several web sites. We don't use the access point, we have direct links to the QV application from a web page, and use the ticket server to control access. All was running well prior to performing the upgrade.

I upgraded the QV server first, and got everything to work with the QVWS. I then upgraded the QV components on the IIS server and tried to connect to the applications. I get  a page that says Loading.. with the spinning wheel. There is also a Close hyperlink and the page never goes away. I get an error alert in the IE status bar at the lower left, clicking on the alert brings up the attached error.

I also tried doing a fresh install on a QV server and a IIS server, and get the same error.

I am real hesitant to much around with the .js file without a little advice from you all. Any thoughts on what may be causing this?


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Re: Getting an error in QVAJAX.JS


Look at the attached document. It may help you.

Did you point IIS to read .net framework 4.0.



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Re: Getting an error in QVAJAX.JS

Just in case it's still unresolved - make sure that in IE - Internet Options - Advanced you have native XMLHTTP support enabled. It helped in my case

2015-01-07 10_00_02-Internet Options.png

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