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Governance Dashboard 2.0.5 and QlikView 12.2 - some docs are not processed fully

I have a document named x.qvw  It loads some QVDs A and B, processes the data and produces new QVDs P and Q.

In the table QVGD_QVDTableLineage_2.0.5, I can find entries like this:

Process          Target

x.qvw               P.qvd

x.qvw               Q.qvd

So this part is working correctly.  But on the input side of the equation, if I look in QVGD_QVWTableLineage_2.0.5, there are no entries for x.qvw  There are entries for many (most?) of the QVWs in my Production system for not for this particular one.

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?  I can't find anything that obviously distinguishes x.qvw from the other documents that are described in QVGD_QVWTableLineage_2.0.5

We are running QlikView 12.20 SR4.