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Help regarding Concurrent reloads on QlikView - QMC

Hi All,

I know this question has been asked many times, but I don't seem to be clear on the answers.

I've 4 CPUs (assuming 8 cores in total) on QVS and even though I set the max number of concurrent reloads to 20,QMC is allowing only 8 at a time.

The question is does QlikView ignore the maximum number of reloads if it exceeds the number of cores and simply put the number of cores available?

If that's the case, is there a work around to achieve that. Pls advise.

Thank you.

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Re: Help regarding Concurrent reloads on QlikView - QMC

Hello Surendra,

The max concurrent reload engines setting in QMC is directly related to the number of cores on the server, so even if you do configure more than 8 engines, QlikView will only use 8. This is working as designed. Also, best practices dictate that you implement N - 1 strategy for reload engines, with N = total number of cores. This will ensure the operating system has a core reserved for it usage.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Help regarding Concurrent reloads on QlikView - QMC

Thanks Chip,

Wondering why this is not covered in the help articles!

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