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How can the QlikView Management API be used to modify permissions?

According to the document in the below link, the QV Management API can be used to modify permissions, but there is no sample for that there yet.  It doesn't specifically say what permissions, but I am hoping to be able to modify the document administrators for source folders.


I was looking at how to modify the document administrators of the source folders under the QlikView Distribution Service as part of an effort to be able to automate some of our setups. Below is code that I have that allows me to step through the Source Folders under a QDS (qdsServices is a list of the QDS services that I get in a previous call):

foreach(ServiceInfo info in qdsServices)


                QDSSettings qdsSettings = _client.GetQDSSettings(info.ID, QDSSettingsScope.All);

                if(qdsSettings != null)


                    foreach(DocumentFolder sf in qdsSettings.General.SourceFolders)


I have two Source Folders under the QDS and these show up correctly and I am able to step through both of them.  Under the properties of the DocumentFolder variable, I look at the General.Path property and see the correct paths listed there.  But the Administrators property is null even though I have administrators that I can see in QMC under the System->Setup->General->Source Folders tab.

Is there a way to view and modify the document administrators for these source folders?  What am I doing wrong that the Adminstrators property is null and that I can't even see the list of administrators much less modify them.

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Re: How can the QlikView Management API be used to modify permissions?


I'm looking for the same functionality, did you find something maybe about it?

I could find only in the API something about DocumentFolder.DocumentFolderAdministrator.Usernames