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How do you change the SetScript variable on tasks in v 9?


I would like to leave the script as is when published to a certain folder for download using v9 sr6 but I can't find anywhere to set this parameter on my tasks. It was possible in v 8.2. I can see the vaule in the Workorder.xml file and there it is set to Binary. But there has to be a way to set this in the QEMC or?

<SourceDocument FileName="E:\Qlikview\Master\xxxxx\xxxxx.qvw" SectionAccessUserName="" SectionAccessPassword="" ClearLocks="True" ClearAll="True" ClearAlwaysOneSelected="True" SetScript="BinaryLoad" ReapplySelections="True" LoadType="FullReload">

<OpenRestrictions AlwaysOpenable="True" />
<AutoloadOptions MaxOpenSessions="5000" Mode="AUTOLOAD_NEVER" FromTime="2010-10-24 00:00:00Z" ToTime="2010-10-24 23:59:00Z" DayOfWeek="*" />

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