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How do you set up a Web Server for Qlikview 9 SR1?

We have an environment where we have a Qlikview server and a seperate Qlikview Web Server that contains the QVClient folder and subdirectories. This way the end users never hit the actually Qlikview server, but only the front-end QV Web Server. This set up worked fine in QV9, but we are having problems getting this to work in QV9 SR1.

Is there any documentation on setting up a separated QV Web Server for QV9 SR1?


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How do you set up a Web Server for Qlikview 9 SR1?

I don't think there's documentation, anyway SR1 should work in the same way about this kind of configurations. What's the problem?


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How do you set up a Web Server for Qlikview 9 SR1?

Thank you for verifying the documentation part. The problem is that the QV web server seems to hang when I access it thru the browser (using AJAX). The ticket is obtained, but when the QVW needs to open, It just hangs with nothing showing up in the window and now error message. If I use the QV9(non SR1) client folder and DLL's on the web server, it works. It is strange that I can get a QV9 web server to work with a QV9 SR1 server. What I usually do to configure the QV web server is to register the QvsComRemote.dll, QvScrambler.dll and the QvsMcRemote.dll files and then copy the QVclients from the QV server to the QV web server. I then create a virtual site for the QvAjaxZfc in IIS on the QV web server. Finally, I use some custom code to request a ticket from the QV server and build the URL that looks like this:

http://svtstport02/QVajaxzfc/opendoc.htm?document=DMStest.qvw&ticket=38BAF0541A5B3295F051881F52B838F... where svtstport02 is the configured QV webserver.

On the Qv webserver I also have to modify some of the files in the the QVclients folder to then point to the QV server to obtain the data (QVW files, etc).

Maybe I am not configuring the files in the QVclients folder (SR1) correctly. Do you happen to know which files need to have the hosts variable altered to point to the QV server?



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How do you set up a Web Server for Qlikview 9 SR1?

I saw a similar problem using sr1 where I now have to include the userid in the url. So ...test.qvw&ticket=ticket_text&userid=user1. Where user1 is the userID used to request the ticket. Maybe this will help you.


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How do you set up a Web Server for Qlikview 9 SR1?

I've been working on this too. I just installed SR2 and finally got it working with separate web server. I'm suprised this doesn't seem to be a more common configuration.

I noticed that there's no host name in your URL (host=). That would be the hostname of the QlikView Server.

A URL like this one worked for me:


I couldn't copy files (at least not the DLLs) from the QVS to the QVWS, as our QVS was running 64-bit windows and the QVWS was running 32-bit. I ended up doing a full QV install on the web server, and then turning off unneeded services.

I had started trying to edit the config.xml file by hand, but I gave up on this and was able to do it using the QMC. That took a lot of trial and error.

Now that it's working, I'm going to save my config.xml and maybe a few other things, uninstall QlikView on the web server and erase its directories. Then I'm going to see what happens if I just install just the QVWS and reregister the DLLs. Hopefully, it will work.


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