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How does QlikView Server v9 release memory

There was a comment in another post about Memory Leak in QlikView server v9 sr2. A comment from Gustav Guldberg suggested there is a bug in SR2 which has a customer patch 9.00.7336. I have found the same problem with two client where the QlikView server does not release memory when documents are closed on the server. The memory just keeps on climbing. Our solution to date has been to restart the QlikView service each night. Both example are using 64 bit QlikView Version 9 SR2 on Windows 2008.

What I would like to know is how QlikView v9 server is suppose to release memory.

As an example, I open a document using the IE Plug-In which is say 2 GB in memory, then through making a number of selections additional caching brings this to 3 GB. What should happen to the memory when:

1. I close the browser (IE Plug In) and therefore no longer interacting with the document.

2. the document closes on the server (based on the document time out settings).

Currently what is happens:

For 1. The memory stays the same. For 2. The memory drops to 1 GB (appears to retaing the caching).

Any advice on how QlikView V9 server manages and releases memory will be appreciated.

Also, does any one know if you can control how much caching an application does as we are often working with very large data sets (100 mill plus) and caching can eat up lots of memory.



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