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How have "AND mode" and let its input be filtered according to a different dimension?


I need some help with overcoming (or working around) the restrictions of "AND mode" to allow interactive filtering the input data of the list box.
We use QlikView Server 9 SR5

Let us assume we have order data with the fields
Timestamp, Product, Customer

The tasks is now to create a report that
a) shows the number of (distinct) Customers who
b) in an ordinary interactively(!) selectable time range
c) have placed orders for Products p1 AND p2 AND .. BUT NOT n1 AND NOT n2 ...

So far no problem, but the combination of requirements b) and c) is causing me some trouble:

Requirement c) calls for an AND mode list box, which is also very intuitive and user friendly.
But due to the "2 field restriction" of AND mode I can only feed the list box a table with the columns Customer and Product
-- but no Timestamp (which is needed to be joined to my time selection to fulfill requirement b)).

So I am stuck here and reaching out to the community for help. Any known solutions or workarounds anybody?

It would be ok to have the user decide the time selection first before making other selection (how would one achieve that in QlikView)?
Unfortunately I am pretty new to QlikView. So if there is a way to dynamically create a temporary
table for the AND mode list box AFTER a date selection (table must be inside the session, we are using Qvs) we would be fine.
Possible? The right thing to do? Maybe there are better ways.

Seems to me that a problem like this should be quite common, but could not find any solutions on the net.

Any help highly appreciated