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How to club different task into a job in 9.0


I have 2 task which I want to club into a 2 job(with two task in each).I want to make a schedule for job not for task.

I want to schedule job1 daily & job2 weekly on sunday, means both task will run once daily (mon to sat )& twice on sunday.

I have another task 3 & 4 which is dependent on task2 but task 3 need to load daily while task 4 weekly.

Daily schedule Job1 run task1 -->trigger task2 -- >trigger task 3

Weekly schedule Job2 run task1 -->trigger task2 -- >trigger task 4

If I define two trigger for task1 & task2 (weekly & daily) then task4 will be triggered daily (as it is dependent on task 2) & also task3 will run twice on sunday which is not required.

It was easy in 8.5 to create a job not able to do in 9.0.

please let know if anybody has done.


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How to club different task into a job in 9.0

You will have to create two tasks for "Task1", a Task1_daily and Task1_weekly. You will schedule those in the "Configure Trigger" under the trigger menu as a "On a Schedule" trigger. You will then need to create two tasks for Task 2 (Task2_daily and Task2_weekly) and set them to trigger "On event from another task". Hopefully you can figure out the Task3 and Task4 from here. You have to set up unique tasks in the chain to make it work like the old jobs. Your Schedule chains should look like this:

Daily schedule Job1 run task1_daily -->trigger task2_daily -- >trigger task 3

Weekly schedule Job2 run task1_weekly -->trigger task2_weekly -- >trigger task 4

I wish the old job method was still available, but this does work.