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How to configure IIS7 with Qlik Server 11

I've found the following notes in QlikView Server Reference Manual:

- If Microsoft IIS is to be used as web server, it must be installed prior to QlikView Server.

- If the required Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework is not installed on the target system, it is downloaded from the Internet and included as part of the QlikView Server installation process.

- If Microsoft IIS is used as web server in a Windows Server 2003 (or later) environment, enable ASP.NET to ensure proper operation of the QlikView Server sample pages and the extended functions (for example, QlikView Server tunnel).

- To optimize the performance when running Microsoft IIS and AJAX, turn on compression in the web server.

- A Microsoft IIS-hosted web server is recommended, if:

  - More flexibility or more advanced tuning is required

  - The web server is to be used for other tasks than QlikView

  - An authorization scheme not available out-of-the-box is required

In the default IIS7 installation I had to add manually some role services. The most important is Windows Authentication and it's activation in QlikView and QvAjaxZfc site.




I had manually set the .NET Framework 4.0 in application pool.


Any suggestion to  optimize the performance in IIS7 or other best practice in configuring IIS7?

Thanks in advance


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