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How to create tasks in Publisher with Multiple Events?

I need to create tasks in publisher depending on Multiple Events Completed.

I´ve made some tests but is strange cause after some tasks finishes, the following tasks are not being executed.

Is there a documentation explaining how to do this kind of dependencies or someone can help with it please?

Thank You

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Re: How to create tasks in Publisher with Multiple Events?


I would use several tasks, as long as one task can only be triggered once, and make this task depending on another task... and so as many times required. Using the "On Multiple events completed" shows you a green icon to add as many already created tasks as you need, and allows you to select if they have been failed or successed in order to trigger the current task.

Does that make sense to you? Did you already try that?


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Re: How to create tasks in Publisher with Multiple Events?

Yes, I´ve tried that.

Worked for almost all tasks but one of them simply did not executed after all the dependecies tasks were completed and I did not understad why.

This task depends of 4 other tasks.

Think that I have tasks A, B, C and D as the primary ones.

Task 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 that are dependents of some of the primary tasks, and only task 7 depends of everyone and the only dependent of task D.

So when taks A finished, task 1 were executed

when task B finished, task 2 and 3 were executed (task 3 depends of A and B)

when task C finished, tasks 4, 5 and 6 were executed (task 4 depends of A and C, task 5 depends of B and C)

but when task D finished (the longer one that took 1 hour and a half), task 7 (that depends of A, B, C and D) did not executed.

Any idea why?

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Re: How to create tasks in Publisher with Multiple Events?

Hi Robinson,

this can happen, when the time constraint goes out because the sum of the tasks take too long. You can change the result in two ways: 1. you only make a trigger to the last tasks that should run.

Example: If task 3 runs only if task 1 and 2 have successfully finished there is no need, to trigger task 3 by 1+2+3 but it's also OK, to set the trigger only on task 3 as the task will only start and therefor only finish after task 1 and 2 have finished successfully.

The second way is to set the timelimit up, which you have to do with some care because if you set it too high it it may interfere as task 1 successfully finished and task 7 may be too close together.

So I'd prefer the first option, which I mentioned in the example.robinson_trigger.PNG

I realize that my answer might be far too late for you, but maybe it helps someone else...

Best regards