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How to deploy a Qlikview application?

Hi community,

How to use the server version of QlikView to deploy a document Qlikview created from a Qlikview Developer Edition or Personal Edition of Qlikview?

Otherwise, I created a QlikView application with the Developer Professional version of QlikView.

I'd like to deploy for multiple users can access.

Should I use a server version Qlikview why? otherwise how to deploy my application?

Thanks for your explainness.......

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How to deploy a Qlikview application?

Hi Yimen,

If you want to provide access to the application for multiple users you have 2 options, either each of your users will require a local client license, a copy of the application and a machine capable of running it, or using QlikView server as you have suggested. If you deploy using QlikView server, you will only have one copy of the application running in the server memory and your end users will access it via their browser using the IE plugin or the Ajax client. For users to be able to access, they will need a license on the server. I suggest you talk to your account manager if you have one or QlikTech directly for more information.



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How to deploy a Qlikview application?

Hi Yeman,

I'd prefer in any case the server solution as described above. You need at least a SBE - Server (Small Business Edition) and 5 User-Cals. This is about 10K €. You as a developer can use your local win-Client (is one user-cal) for developing and then you will deploy your finished (productive) qvw-version onto the SBE-Server site. The remaining (in my exam four) users can acces the applications being presented by the QV-Server via Browser (AJAX or Plugin) or also with a win client.

Regards Roland

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