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How to deploy to production using deployment framework?

Hi Guys,

I have recently joined QDF and have extracted Admin & Shared container on my local machine.

I have some simple questions regarding best practices

  1. Do I have to extract the Admin and shared container on production too ?
  2. Am I suppose to create a new container for each application?
  3. Once I finish developing an application on my local machine, should I just copy the application (QVW) and paste it on Production? or Do I have to copy the entire container?
  4. If I have to copy the entire container to Production then how to best manage folder structure on on QMC?
  5. How to manage connection string for different environments? (Dev, Test, UAT, Production)

  About the current Architecture :

  • We use QlikView 12 Personal edition and QV12 SMB server
  • NO QlikView Publisher
  • NO Test or UAT environment
  • Developer Develops Application by connecting to the Dev Environment of SQL Database ,
  • Then a tester tests the application by updating the DB connection string to the Test SQL Database
  • And Once tested then only we change the Database connection string to Production
  • We have a QVD generator and a QVD updater (Incremental load from SQL every 30 Minutes)
  • And all the other applications use those same QVD files from one single folder

How do we best manage the process ?

Your ideas and feedback will be highly appreciated.


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