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How to drill down in Ajax with iPad ?

Good day,

I have a graph with a hierarchic group as dimension.

With Ajax on my desktop web browser, I'm able to drill down.

With Ajax on my iPad:

- with QV Server 10 SR2, I can drill down, but I cannot drill up

- with QV Server 10 SR4, I can't drill down, but I can drill up

What's wrong ?

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How to drill down in Ajax with iPad ?


I think I've found why I have the problem.

When my app is not zoomed, I can drill.

But when I have a zoom, even a few one, the "OK / Cancel" popup that is displayed is not displayed in the right place.

The user thinks the "OK" is at one place, and clik on it. But, in fact, the "OK" button is in another place, so the user don't click on it, but click elsewere and cancel his selection.

Proof : when I touch-down the "OK" popup, this one shouldn't disapear but wait that I "touch-up". In a zoomed area, a single touch will make the popup disparear.